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d Bohinj Kranjska Gora Triglav National Park Climbing Mt Triglav Why Go? Mountains and lakes are the big draws in Gorenjska, and if you?ˉre into adventure sports, this is the province to head for.
The Triglav National Park, with hiking and biking trails galore as well as Slovenia?ˉs share of the Julian Alps, is the epic?entre for all things outdoors.
A mountain trek is an excellent way to meet other Slovenes in a relaxed environment, so take advantage of this opportunity if you get the chance.
The beautiful Alpine lakes at Bled and Bohinj offer boating and swimming amid shimmering mountain backdrops.
But Gorenjska is not just about nature pursuits; it also contains some of the country?ˉs most attractive and important historical towns.
?kofja Loka and Radovljica ¨C to name just a couple ¨C are treasure troves of Gothic, Renaissance and baroque architecture.
When to Go May & Jun Best for white-water rafting as melting snow swells the So?a River.
Jul & Aug Swimming season is short and sweet at lakes Bled and Bohinj.
Dec¨CApr Decent skiing conditions can last through spring.
Best Places to Eat ? Gostilna Mihovc ? Zeleni Rob ? Gostilna Rupa ? Gostilna Lectar ? Gostilna Pr?ˉ Kova? Best Places to Stay ? Penzion Gasperin ? Camping Bled ? Gostilna Lectar ? Eko Camp ? Traveller?ˉs Haven Gorenjska Highlights Hire a pletna (gondola) and sail the crystal-clear waters of Lake Bled Climb to the top of Mt Triglav , Slovenia?ˉs tallest peak, and proclaim yourself Slovene Drive or bike over the hair-raising (and spine-tingling) Vr?i? Pass ( Click here ) in the Julian Alps Commune with nature au naturel at the naturist beach on the northern shore of Lake Bohinj Spend an unforgettable day canyoning , rafting or ballooning starting from Lake Bled Treat yourself to a meal to remember at one of Radovljica?ˉs excellent restaurants ?kofja Loka 04 / POP 11,970 / ELEV 354M ?kofja Loka (Bishop?ˉs Meadow), just 26km from Ljubljana, is among the most beautiful and oldest settlements in Slovenia.
Its evocative Old Town has been protected as a historical monument since 1987.
It can be explored as a day trip from the capital or as an overnight stay (though book accommodation in advance since there?ˉs just a handful of lodging options).
When the castle and other old buildings are illuminated on weekend nights, ?kofja Loka takes on the appearance of a fairy tale.
It?ˉs also an excellent springboard for walking in the ?kofja Loka Hills to the west.
?kofja Loka Top Sights Capuchin Monastery B1 Loka Castle & Museum B2 Mestni Trg C2 Spodnji Trg C2 Sights 1 Capuchin (or Stone) Bridge B2 2 Former Town Hall C2 France Miheli? Gallery (see 3) 3 Granary C2 4 Homan House C2 5 Martin House C3 6 Parish Church of St James C2 7 Plague Pillar C2 Sleeping 8 Hotel Garni Paleta B2 9 Kavarna Vahtnca C2 Eating 10 Jesharna B2 Ka??a (see 3) 11 Market C1 Drinking 12 Bar pri Ziherlu B2 Kavarna Homan (see 4) Kavarna Vahtnca (see 9) Sights Loka Castle & Museum MUSEUM Offline map Google map (Lo?ki Grad & Muzej; www.loski-muzej.
si; Grajska pot 13; adult/child €5/3; 10am-6pm Tue-Sun) The town?ˉs premier sight is this commanding castle, dating from the 13th century and extensively renovated after an earthquake in 1511, that overlooks the town from a grassy hill west of Mestni trg.
The castle houses the Loka Museum , which boasts one of the best ethnographic collections in Slovenia spread out over two dozen galleries on two floors.
Highlights of the museum include several ornate guild chests, reflecting the fact that the area around ?kofja Loka was famous for smiths and lace-makers.
In the garden, you?ˉll find a typical peasant house from nearby Pu?ta dating from the 16th century.
Don?ˉt miss the four spectacular golden altars in the castle chapel .
They were taken from a church destroyed during WWII in Dra?go?e, northwest of ?kofja Loka.
Two paths lead up to the castle; the most convenient starts just opposite Kavarna Homan .
Mestni Trg TOWN SQUARE Offline map Google map The group of colourful 16th-century burghers?ˉ houses on this square have earned the town the nickname ??Painted Loka?ˉ.
Almost every one is of historical and architectural importance, but arguably the most impressive is Homan House Offline map Google map (Homanova Hi?a; Mestni trg 2) , dating from 1511 with graffiti and bits of frescoes of St Christopher and of a soldier.
Another building to look out for is the former Town Hall Offline map Google map (Stari Rotov?; Mestni trg 35) , remarkable for its stunning three-storey Gothic courtyard and the 17th-century frescoes on its facade.
Further south, 17th- century Martin House Offline map Google map (Martinova Hi?a; Mestni trg 26) leans on part of the old town wall.
It has a wooden 1st floor, a late-Gothic portal and a vaulted entrance hall.
The plague pillar Offline map Google map , in the centre of Mestni trg, was erected in 1751.
Parish Church of St James CHURCH Offline map Google map (?upnijska Cerkev Sv Jakoba; http://zupnije.
si; Cankarjev trg; 7am-6pm) The town?ˉs most important church dates back to the 13th century, with key features like the nave , the presbytery with star vaulting (1524), and the tall bell tower (1532) added over the next three centuries.
The dozen or so distinctive ceiling lamps and the baptismal font were designed by Jo?e Ple?nik.
Inside the church, look up to the vaulted ceiling to see bosses with portraits of the Freising bishops (the town?ˉs founders), saints, workers with shears, and a blacksmith; the two crescent moons in the presbytery are reminders of the Turkish presence.
Outside the church, on the south side, is the church?ˉs rectory , part of a fortified aristocratic manor house built in the late 16th century.
Spodnji Trg PUBLIC SQUARE Offline map Google map The main square to the east of Mestni trg was where the poorer folk lived in the Middle Ages; today it is a busy thoroughfare with admittedly not much to see.
The 16th-century Granary Offline map Google map (ka??a; Spodnji trg 1) at the northern end is where the town?ˉs grain stores, collected as taxes, were once kept.
Over two floors in the granary you?ˉll find France Miheli? Gallery Offline map Google map (Galerija Franceta Miheli?a; 517 04 00; www.loski-muzej.
si; Spodnji trg 1; adult/child €2/1.
50; by appointment) , which displays the works of the eponymous artist born in nearby Virma?e in 1907.
Capuchin Monastery MONASTERY Offline map Google map (Kapucinski Samostan; 512 09 70; Kapucinski trg 2; by appointment) The 18th-century Capuchin monastery, west of the bus station, has a priceless library of medieval manuscripts, as well as the ?kofja Loka Passion , a processional with dramatic elements, from around 1720.
Capuchin (or Stone) Bridge HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE Offline map Google map (Kapucinski Most) The stone Capuchin Bridge leading from the Capuchin monastery origina?lly dated from the 14th century and is an excellent vantage point for the Old Town and castle as well as the river, with its deep gorge, dams, abandoned mills and 18th-century barracks.
Church of the Annunciation CHURCH (Cerkev Marijinega Oznanenja; Crngrob; by appointment) This small church in the village of Crngrob, 4km north of ?kofja Loka, has one of the mo
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